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Anyone for a Side Order of Life?

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Side Order of Life: http://www.lifetimetv.com/on-tv/shows/side-order-life

Not episode specific, just curious is anyone else is watching this awesome show (on the Lifetime network).

I wasn't sure if I'd like it after the first 1-2 episodes, but it's gotten better and better. The last 2 episodes have been great! I can't bring myself to delete this week's (which is being rerun on Saturday for anyone who missed it and wants a great laugh), and am planning on burning it to DVD. This is definitely one worth watching.

P.S. If you want to catch up, I think they show the episodes online.
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I guess we are in the minority, Katbug. I love it!
Oh good! That's at least three of us. :)

I really think it's nifty. I have it SPd, and I think this is a keeper for me. I'm so pleased because others have seemed to have good possibilities, but they ended up not being my taste. :eek:
Well, thank goodness I'm not alone (I would hate to see it canceled), but I'm really surprised more people haven't given this a shot yet. Probably 'cuz it's on Lifetime, and it's not often that we think to look there for series. I love this show more and more with every episode. I was really concerned in the beginning that it was going to be bad, especially when they had the talking baby (I hated that part), but it's improved so much that I really want everyone to watch and enjoy it as much as I am.
It's hilarious!
I've been watching it. Marisa Coughlin is adorable. Some of the fantasy aspects with her photography get a little too whimsical, but I'm perfectly OK suspending my disbelief for such pretty people. :D

Who is the actress who plays her mother? I know her, but I can't place her. Nice to see Joe Regalbuto (best known, I think, for "Murphy Brown") getting some work as her dad.

I really hope Mr. Wrong Number doesn't turn out to be her dad's age. But it would be nice if he turns out to be nebbishy, in a Kevin Smith sort of way.
I love this show! I'm dying to see who "Cell Phone Guy" is. I think he sounds a lot like Steven Webber (the guy from Wings).
OMG, how are we supposed to wait for the next season of this (they'd better renew it!)??
CorgiMom28 said:
I think he sounds a lot like Steven Webber (the guy from Wings).
Congratulations! Good call. :up:
I liked how they wrapped things up neatly at the end. I'd love a Season 2, but I wouldn't be bitterly disappointed if they didn't renew it.

I actually watch more shows on Lifetime (Army Wives, Blood Ties, Side Order of Life) than I do on FOX (Bones and House).
I've never heard of it. :confused:
Perhaps you are unmarried? :p It aired on Lifetime.
Just to add support. My wife LOVED IT! Personally I never saw it....

Now I am interested. Any idea if it is showing again?
I've been watching too, but I have been in love with Marissa Coughlin since "Wastland" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0191748/ (Which I think only I watched. :( )
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