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Anyone else notice USA's mini Pretender reunion

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Granted it was on two different shows. But still....

On the Pretender you had Patrick Bachau (Sidney) on one week, Michael T. Wiess (Jarod) on Burn Notice. And of course Jeffery Dononvan who played Jarod's brother on several episodes.

and on Suits you had Andrea Parker (Ms Parker) guest starring.

All we need is Jon Grier (Broots) to show up on Royal Pains and we have a trifecta.:D
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I did catch the reunion. I did not remember Jefferey Donovan being on the Pretender though. I was pretty young when that show was airing though.
I caught it and it cracked me up. My wife wasn't nearly as excited as I was.
Micheal Wiess needs to go back to playing good guys. That was the worst bad guy impression I've seen in a very long time.
I noticed is the second week when Micheal Wiess was on. I told my wife that Andrea Parker had better me on the next week or I'd be pissed. She had no idea what I was talking about.

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