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Dan203 said:
One possible explanation for these quality problems could be framerate conversion. TiVos only support video with a frame rate of 29.97fps. Some movies are actually filmed at 24fps. That means that Amazon has to use some sort of framerate conversion to make them compatible with TiVo. There are various methods for doing framerate conversion, and some work better then others. These sort of motion artifacts are actually characteristic of some of the poorer techniques.

If it is a framerate conversion problem, then it would explain why it only effects some movies as only some use the 24fps "film mode".

This is exactly what I've thought the problem was since Unbox came out and the first movie I tried exhibited the symptom. I've converted a lot of video for a lot of different kinds of devices by now, and I've had it happen plenty of times. And like you said, there are techniques that can produce much better results. If they want it to succeed, TiVo and/or Amazon really need to investigate and re-encode the problem downloads. I hate the feeling of gambling I have every time I want to use Unbox, betting that I won't get a poorly encoded file. When they play back correctly, I'm happy with the service, but when my wife and I sat down to watch Ghost Rider, she complained that it actually hurt to watch.
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