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The problem you are seeing is caused by the fact the Humax records the programming content in a different format than your Non DVD Tivo.

Why they chose to do this?? (I don't know)

It is not as simple as a box you can check or something a Tivo customer service rep can change for you. It is a software or hardware issue the Tivo developers would need to change.

If you look closely at the error message you get when you try to burn a program on your Humax that was transferred to it (vice recorded on it) you will see something to the effect of a different video or audio content along with "Sorry you can't do this frustration" I am sure it is a format issue, different video frame rate, audio compression, etc...

Basicly the Humax records programs in a ready to burn to DVD format and the Non-Humax Tivo needs some other software to do this. This is where Sonic or Nero (what I use) comes in on my PC.

What you could try is sending your programming to a windows PC with a DVD burner and recording it there. If you don't have a DVD burner in your PC they are now under $50 just about anywhere.

Good Luck.
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