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baum001 said:
Recieved my first TIVO Christmas 2003 and loved it. I was a huge proponent of the TIVO service. This year added a second TIVO with DVD Recorder from Humax. Put both systems on the Media Option(wireless network). Since my main digital cable box was hooked up on my 80 hour TIVO and recieves the majority of my movie content Starz,HBO, etc would transfer movies form the original TIVO to my new TIVO with burner. And copy the content I desired.Transfer went fine but when I went to burn the transferred content it said material was transferred from an incompatible DVR(which is of course a TIVO box). Contacted customer support and they said that you cannot burn content from another DVR transferred via the HOME media option. What bunk? Having visited this board and visited TIVO's site I have never seen this. Now I have purchased the new burner with TIVO with no use. I feel I was miscommunicated too and owning several thousand shares of TIVO stock and having espoused its uses I am angry to say the least. If this is how they are falling behind technology wise and from a customer communication standpoint :down: I see dark days ahead. Not good.
I was disappointed just as you were that I could not burn programs transferred from other TiVo boxes. My workaround is to connect the TiVo box with the programming I want, to the Humax unit, just as I would if I was connecting a VCR or Camcorder. Any source connected to the Humax inputs will be recorded by the Humax, and can then be burned. The front inputs are very convenient for this purpose.

As much as I can, I try to program my TiVo's so that anything I'm likely to want burned later is recorded by the Humax unit. In my case, that unit has the larger hard drive, anyway. But with some planning, it's extremely rare that I need to transfer programs from one unit to the other for burning.

I hope this helps.

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