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The funniest part to me though, si when they keep showing one of the station billboards the one guy in the middle is blurred out. I wonder if that is someone who left, or someone who is there and refused to participate.
There was a LOT of stuff blurred out throughout the hour. Very distracting. I thought I was watching The Real World for a minute.

Weatherdog was just ridiculous.
Definitely. It was funny to hear the Analisa, the dark-haired producer/reporter/anchor/dog-walker, so bitter about Lauren when she shares the set with "Stormy the Weather Dog."

Speaking of Analisa, I wonder if she's really that unlikeable or just edited that way for the "reality" show? Analisa... Honey, believe me. NO-ONE is going to mistake you for a bikini model. No-one. Don't take yourself so seriously and maybe you can move up to Lubbock or Flint or Yuma someday.
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