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marksman said:
I thought this show was great. Very entertaining.

The funniest part to me though, si when they keep showing one of the station billboards the one guy in the middle is blurred out. I wonder if that is someone who left, or someone who is there and refused to participate.

I think it gives an interesting glimpse into the newsroom process for those of us who have no clue.

Don't know if I can take the protestations of integrity and serious journalism to much too heart from a station who has a dog as a weather man. Although entirely appropriate considering what weathermen do and how worthless they are in their chosen profession.

Weatherdog was just ridiculous.

From what I hear she ended up doing a pretty good job before it was all over. I bet if she lost the mega-tan and a little bit of the [sobbing] booby [/sobbing] she would make a credible newsperson.
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