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I haven't seen this problem mentioned here.

Sometimes when I go to live TV, the video is "choppy". Think a low frame rate video over the web. The audio is fine, and everything is synced, it just seems to be showing maybe 10 fps instead of 30.

If I get out of live TV, to the main TiVo screen for example, and go back, everything is fine again.

Anyone else experience this? Since it goes away easily, it's not a big problem, just curious.

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Hm, I've seen this on occasion as well; it seems (not sure) to only happen on analog channels (at least for me). I find that pausing and resuming (and then skipping back to now) resolves the issue for me. It's only been a minor annoyance, so I haven't really given it much thought, and it only happens on occasion (doesn't happen with recordings). I wouldn't mind seeing that one fixed though - it's really the only problem I've seen of late, otherwise I'm *still* unutterably happy with my TiVo.

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I've replied to at least one other thread about this in the past (so others have indeed reported it).. I was noticing it quite a bit last night actually ...

To me, it happens in two forms .. and if I recall, only on HD .. there is the slow-mo effect where the video just seems to be missing a few frames .. audio is always just fine .. but it gives this choppy effect ... and then there is the whiplash effect where the action bounces around really fast ...

Usually I have found that a pause/play fixes it .. but last night during a baseball game, nothing seemed to fix it . Probably a reboot would have helped, but I wasn't up for that.

Its definitely something that needs to ultimately be fixed. Oh, and this is all on a THD for me.
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