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An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List

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I have a SP set for new episodes with KUID, well, tonight I find Ep 3 playing, is this another Lost Girl ?

Meaning why are the dates messed up on this, the Season 2 (Bucket List) Ep 3 shows being first aired in I think it was Oct. 2011.
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As with nearly every import, the Tivo schedule lists the original air date as when the show actually originally aired in its country of origin. Set up a season pass with repeats/first run to catch them.
I wasnt aware that this show was even an imports, seems it's a CA show just like Lost Girl.

In any event... least it's not too far ahead. I can get 2 tonight and 2 next Sat and be caught up.

Edit: I actually just ended up doing a manual recording for the Science channel every Sat when it's supposed to air like I did with Merlin & Lost Girl.
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