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American Idol "Top 4 results show" 5/12/2011 *spoilers*

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Here we go.

Top 2 guys perform. LOL at James, ducking in to get a kiss from his girlfriend who didn't take the hint and she almost messed it up.

Top 2 girls perform.

Results time: First person safe is Lauren.

Idols watch Gaga video.

Enrique Iglesias performs.

Ford music video.

Jordin Sparks performs.

Steven Tyler's new music video.. More shameless self promotion by the judges. :)

The second person safe is Haley!!! YES!!!!!!!!

Scotty is safe just like Cearbhaill said, unfortunately..

James is going home.
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I really liked the girls performance. Their harmonies sounded really good.

and yeah for Lauren being safe!
I figured bottom 2 would be Lauren & Haley with Haley being shown the door.
And Enrique shows us all why we hate autotune so much...
I am so over it.

And I say we are in for a shock boot.

How Ryan preps for the show...

ETA 2:
Hahaha :up:
What!!! Haley is safe?
What!!! Haley is safe?
If Scotty were to get the boot my top 3 would be complete. Never in a million years would I have guessed that Scotty could potentially get the boot.
It's not gonna be Scotty....
Question....Did I miss something? Ryan did not say Scotty was in the bottom. Have we reached the point where there is no longer a "bottom?
I know James's fans are disappointed but this is his best shot at a legit rock career.
If Jimmy/Interscope even let him do real rock.
That's what I thought. THank you.
So everyone is just shocked speechless :D :D :D
Wow, I haven't seen Jordin since she was on AI. She's all growed up.

You knew as soon as Haley was declared safe that James was going home. Oh well, America can't get it right all the time.
Boo America!!

Throw me a bone and make it an all girl finale!!!
(not likely with the teen girls voting but I can always dream)
So everyone is just shocked speechless :D :D :D
Not really... This isn't a Chris Daughtry shocker.
I knew James was doomed from the moment Ryan said Haley was safe.

Why, oh, why could it not have been Scotty????

I am pulling for Lauren all the way (as I have been from the beginning).

Woo Hooo!!!!!! Take that JLo and InItToWinItRandy.
Not really... This isn't a Chris Daughtry shocker.
It is in some quarters- the Twitterverse has imploded :D
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