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dcehl said:
The funny thing about Simon leaving - both Paula and Randy have done the same. My wife and I were saying that Simon seems to really be distancing himself from Paula and Randy. Maybe because Paula and Randy are becoming more fake and acting the part every season , whereas Simon still seems to think this is a job. Mostly I agree with all of Simon's responses.
I think it has something to do with the HUGE contract Simon just signed and the fact that he gets a piece of the recording contracts that the winner gets. I dont think Randy or Paula get anything.

Plus, Simon is very good at his job and he knows what makes good TV. If someone is going to clearly get the 2 needed votes from Randy and Paula then why not pick second and say "No" to have the final decision come down to one person...makes it a little more suspensful.

Simon can do whatever he wants on that show. He is American Idol and he knows it. He has a big head but I like him.
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