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Amazon Hd Movie Rental Vs Dvd

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Hello Everyone,

I've never rented an HD movie from Amazon but was wondering if the HD movie rentals are better than renting a DVD from RED BOX. This would be on a 1080i 53" monitor. Would you see the film on the WHOLE screen vs having the black bars top and bottom on a DVD. These HD rentals go for $6.00 and wondered what your thoughts were on the subject. RED BOX at $1.00 does seem like a great value though.

So, are the HD's worth the extra five bucks?

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Where did you get a 1080i 53 inch monitor?

What is it's aspect ratio; 16:9 or 4:3?

In any event how much better a HD download from Amazon will look over a DVD depends on many factors, many of them specific to you and your setup. You will need to rent one and see for yourself.

Regarding the aspect ratio of the movie I beieve Amazon tells you what it will be. If you set is 16:9 most will be full screen.

Good Luck,
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