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Slingbox EOL seems to be starting to affect setup/player functions on MacOS (this is from my experience only!...I found zero help via Slingbox forums)

I finally did a clean install of MacOS High Sierra (the clean install may be the issue, but why would anyone do an upgrade install? haha). Two days later, my mother was trying to log on to my Slingbox SOLO connected to a TiVo Mini to watch the local football game...it wouldn't let her log on. I checked the SOLO from my LAN, I couldn't log on either. When attempting to re-setup the SOLO via the "new" Slingplayer Desktop App that worked under MacOS Sierra...nope...nothing, and I mean nothing, shows up once the app is launched, just a grey window. (I did eventually boot under an archived version of Sierra and was able to redo setup on the SOLO with success...I also re-setup my Slingbox 350 connected to an OTA tuning adapter via the old OS because the app under the new OS wouldn't do anything).

Anyone else having similar experiences or am I just an idiot :)
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