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Do you get the box saying "HDMI connection not permitted"? Also, it is odd, but I have to change the HDMI input in order to watch the slingbox. My Tivo is connected to my Xbox via HDMI 1. If I have my TV on that input I get the error "The connected video signal is not supported". But if I change the input to HDMI 4 I get the picture, but that 'not permitted' box appears. This never happened before.
Not with newer tv's

I did with an older early model LCD connected to the mini via hdmi. I just used component cables on that tv with the mini and slingbox until I replaced that tv last Christmas. I don't have the problem with the newer tv's and our slingboxes. I have the mini connected to the slingbox via component cables and the mini connected to the tv via hdmi. Works fine.
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