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First of all, I did a search and did not come up with anything. I suspect this is an old bug, but this is the first time I have hit it.

I was watching NFL football last Sunday from an OTA channel (Sacramento DMA, FOX, 40.1 ) and the information banner said that the program had alternate audio tracks, so I decided to give a listen. I had the program set up to record via an ARWL, and was about 15 minutes behind "live" at the time. I switched to the spanish audio track and noticed no difference in the english 5.1 DD audio playback.

About 15 minutes later, the audio playback changed to DD 1.0, with no commentators (I think it was just center channel, but I am not sure). I switched the audio back to the english track, and about 15 minutes later I had the 5.1 DD playback restored. Later, I did a test where I did 5 seconds spanish, 5 seconds english, 5 seconds spanish, then left it on english. This confirmed my suspisions about 15 minutes later when the audio went: 5 seconds 1.0, 5 seconds 5.1, 5 seconds 1.0.

So it looks to me like the audio track setting effects what is recorded, not what is being played back. I would expect the HR10-250 to record all audio tracks, and use the setting to decide which one to play back. This is not the case.

And I never did get to hear the spanish commentators! This part was probably either a PSIP issue, or maybe that audio track was never available from the event site.
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