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I bought a TiVo quite a few years ago, and a lifetime subscription.
Then we moved house to an area that had Virgin Media
so I had the TiVo on freeview and VirginMedia separately.

Last year our telly packed up so I bought a HD telly and got a V+ box. The TiVo is still on freeview.

I was originally on 3 for £30 and now I pay £35 with the V+ service. I'm not sure if I've had it a year yet, but probably once the TiVo stops working in June it's be over a year.

The old TiVo S1 is still better in some ways than V+, like TivoWeb and and the way it "knows" what programs I like.

What's the best thing today that won't cost a fortune? There are no channels in XL that interest me beyond what I already have. It doesn't appear to be VirginMedia that are killing my TiVo lifetime subscription (or is it?) so what's their incentive to give me anything?

what to do?
and when to do it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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