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A few days ago in the Tucson area there was a severe storm with a 70 mph wind.
At first I had no satellite service then later the next day the service came back but not completely. I now receive only DHSD of the HD channels (no HBO, ESPN, etc.). I also get a very pixelized 242 which is USA. The message I get on the screen is 'searching for satellite 1'. When I do a signal test I get signals on A and B but not on C transponders. I have an HR10-250 purchased on 9/2004.
I assume the problem is with the position of the satellite dish as a result of the storm. Although it looks as it always did to me.
I called D* customer service and they said they could send out a technician for a $70 charge unless I get a service contract for about $6 a month in which case the service charge would be $15. I prefer not to give D* the money.
Any suggestions on how to re-align the dish would be much appreciated. It is the standard oval 3 lnb kind attached to my house near the roof.

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Even just a half inch off is enough to knock out the signal. Probably all have to do is nudge it one way or another until you're peaked, no need to pay someone to do it unless you can't get to the dish for whatever reason. Shouldn't take you more then 5 minutes if you have someone inside watching the signal meter.

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The triple LNB dish points at the 110 (C) satellite with the tilt used to bring in 101 (A) and 119 (B). Do you get all TPs on A and B?

Anyway, the mast needs to be plumb before doing any other adjustments. Then the skew/tilt setting, followed by the elevation. Then the azimuth is tweaked. Also,make sure that all cable connections are tight and have no corrosion.
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