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Originally posted by peitsche
Well, I thought it is time for a new Buffy thread. I belong to the rare species that has never watched Buffy when it aired on T.V. Primarily based on talk here I decided to give it a try on DVD. Heck, after reading that some people still have a SP on their Tivo even though there won't be any more new episodes, I figured there is a good chance I'll get sucked into this show. I don't think I'm quite there yet but I'm starting to enjoy the characters and the storylines.

Here is where I am right now in the series, followed by a few questions:

-- I just finished watching Inca Mummy Girl (episode 4 of season two) where we get introduced to a lead guitarist named Oz. I will be watching episodes 5-8 later this week.

-- questions:

1) Is it just me (or does it change later?) who feels that Cordelia's transition from outcast (from the core group point's of view) to member of the group is somewhat random and sloppy? It seems Cordelia all of a sudden happens to be near the action even though she doesn't exactly want to have anything to do with the "losers." I just don't understand how she becomes part of the group later. Even though I never watched the show before, it is hard to fail to notice that she is going to be a major character.

2) In your opinion, should I start watching Angel in the order it aired on T.V. (in relation to Buffy's original air dates, that is), meaning I start watching the first season of Angel when I start watching the fourth season of Buffy? Or should I watch all seven seasons of Buffy before I jump into Angel?

3) Since a lot of people seem to like season 2 so much, what are your favorite episodes or scenes from that season? Please keep in mind that I'm still in the beginning of the season, so spoiler tags are appreciated for matters concerning the later episodes of season two.

I hope this thread will bring back memories for some of you and provide incentives for newbies to give this show a try!
1) I think Cordy's early arc was to be the Damsel in Distress who comes to rely on the "losers" when she realizes that they are the ones protecting everyone. She's just hanging around with them to save her own skin. ...At first

2) It can't hurt to watch them in the order you're suggesting. There isn't TOO much in teh way or crossovers, but the ones that they have are nice.

3) My favorite Season Two episode is School Hard, whch introduces Spike and Dru. There are some really good episodes later, but, For God's sake, wtch them in order! Just trust me on this one!
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