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Just wanted it posted out here that it went very smoothly. Well for the most part.

The cards for one of the two boxes I got (TIVO HD) were only sending the "Basic" cable channels while the other one was working correctly and I was getting all the channels I was supposed to.

The cable tech had me call GCI customer service to try to get it straigtened out. Basically to have them "resend" the signal or to get the card up dated with my "service" I was suppose to be getting.

She asked to talk to the tech and apparently she told him that they do not do cable card set up over the weekends. Which is funny because they had went through the steps half way already.

He called his dispatch then they said they couldn't help either. So he called the customer service again this time he got a person who could help.

A LONG story short if the first person says "I donno" then politely say thank you and hang up and call back again and more than likely you'll get another person who knows what they are doing and get it straigntened out.

EVERYTHING is working perfectly fine today. (Trying to get the TV to control my AV receiver but that is another issue. The delay on the Harmony remotes is just to much for me.)

GCI does support them just single stream cards and they quoted me at $5.00 a card yet from one person to the next have varied on that amount some so make sure you get the $5.00. (That is of course above the card you get in the Package deal. For example I have service with them and they are only charging me for 3 additional cards beyond the card for the service.

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