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So with my upgraded S2 and TX20 boxes having 9.1 on them, I decided over the weekend that I should probably put the latest version on the stock drives as well. Yes, for whatever reason when I put the larger drives in I kept the original drives "just in case" and occasionally I'll put them back in the TiVos to get them current on the software.

My TX20 was no big deal ... the stock drive had 8.1 on it since I had just upgraded the box in January of this year.

The 230 was a different story. Apparently I hadn't refreshed it in a while because the stock drive had 7.1 on it! There's a blast from the past ... and that's when the fun started.

First, it didn't support the TiVo Adapter ... at least I couldn't get it to work. So I had to rummage in my parts box and found the old Netgear WG111v2 adapter I used to have connected to it.

Next, doh! No WPA! I had to turn off security on my router just to get the box connected to the network. If anyone cares :rolleyes: I found a bug in 7.1: when you switch from a network with a WEP password (which I had when the drive was taken out of service) to one without, the system doesn't clear out the password and prevents the adapter from connecting! This drove me nuts until I figured out I had to go through the WEP steps but then clear out the password, then left-arrow back and choose "no password."

Finally, got it on the wireless and it downloaded and installed 9.1, no problems. Then I made image backups of the refreshed drives with WinMFS. :up:

So, with all the recent threads about how bad 9.1 is, etc. etc. I thought it was fun to see where the software was just a few years ago which really made me appreciate the new stuff. :cool:
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