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So you saw Maria swear she wasn't sticking around any longer, right?

Well, it got down to Maria and Mary (the crying girl) and they were talking about how much they love each other and everything will be fine and blah blah blah. Then Maria was called down and just when he asked her if she'd like to stay and she was about to respond with what looked like a, "No, i can't." they cut to a commercial break.

When we return, she says something like, "You're killing me!" with a few screams thrown in and decides to stay. She walks away and then rushes back to him asking for a hug.

So the crying Mary composed herself quite a bit and (without crying, I might add) told him he was missing out on something great and then rushed over to her girls and cried and cried and cried some more.

Good riddance to Mary!

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oh wow..that sucks, i may have to find a d/l of it. Mary is the one with curly hair on the diary room that straightens it when she is all dressed up right? wahh reminds me of amber on big brother.

If mario pulled this stunt again, it really is seeming like a stunt. The girls must hate her.

i loved that the 48 got an all day date to make them stew back in the room. they are so petty though...i wanna this..i wanna that...like hello! This is just a silly show. you dont get to marry the guy for millions

which i still dont get what they win. Another date?
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