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I would highly recommend using WinMFS to copy the "good" drive to your new 1TB drive. You will need to do the following:

remove the 160GB drive from the good Tivo,
attach both drives to your computer,
make a backup of your good drive,
copy the image from the good drive to the new drive (it will prompt you to expand the drive) or restore the backup image of the good drive to the new drive,
put the new drive into the broken TiVo and
fire it up.

Once it boots, you will have to do a Clear and Delete Everything to marry the drive to the hardware. This will trigger a Guided Setup and will phone home. Your Lifetime Subscription will show up at the end of the Guided Setup.

If your new drive is a "Green" drive from Western Digital, you might need to run a program to turn off the weird parking feature that those drives come with standard. If you don't, the drive may appear to work, but will not do a soft reboot.

Good luck and let us know how things go.

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