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I've been going through many of the previous posted threads about the cable card and TiVo. Most seem to be specific to Series 3 with HD, and I'm not sure if that applies to my situation.

I previously have had 3 TiVos and set each up independently. But the new digital cable boxes are giving me pause. I have Comcast Triple Play and already have a splitter on the Internet/cable for that, so I can't set up (I think) with the Comcast cable box. So Plan B would be to set up without the cable box, but that seems to require a cable card. I tried to set up as in the past but could not view any channel over 22.

My baseline question, should I just pay someone to come out and set it up? I actually have 2 new Series 2 TiVos that I transferred Lifetime Service to, but my head is spinning because I don't care about HD, interactive services from Comcast, OnDemand, or anything. I just want to dual record my channels with a dependable service (DVR from Comcast frequently reads 100% full with only one program recorded). Please forgive this posting, but you can sense I'm going in circles and would appreciate some direction.

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