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I got a little confused halfway through your post, but what I think you want is to set up your DT Tivo(s) without a tech. Quite simple, really.

If you have the Triple Play, I believe that includes Digital Cable. The way you will connect each tivo to receive digital cable is to split the coaxial cable from the wall, run coaxial into the Tivo and cable box's RF in, connect the cable box's RCA out (Red White Yellow) to the Tivo's RCA in. You will then attach a IR blaster to the Tivo by plugging in the mini jack end into the IR hole on the tivo and use 1 or 2 of the IR blasters to bracket the cable box where the cable remote sends its signal. Then you will plug everything in and start guided setup.

The IR turns your tivo into a remote control for the cable box, so when you change channels on the tivo remote, it tells the tivo to change the cable box channel. If you run into any problems here is a good link...


If you don't want cable boxes everywhere, you can also connect the coaxial cable to the tivo only, but you will be limited in the channels you receive. You should get the basic package, local, ESPN, TBS and the like, but nothing premium or digital (depending on your location).
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