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I just got a Tivo BOLT and programmed the Harmony 700 I have to control it. In the past I was able to omit the Tivo "Power on/off" step of starting (and stopping) my home theater to watch TV. This effectively left the Tivo device on all of the time. I was using the web-based programming interface to do this. Now I am using the MyHarmony program, an exe file. This newer program pre-programs the start and stop activities and as far as I can tell I cannot omit any of them. SO it seems as I start to watch the Tivo BOLT the device comes on and the past 30 minutes for each tuner are not available to me to "catch up on anything I missed". The exception is when a tuner is officially recording to save a show.
So does anyone know how to omit the auto-programmed Tivo on and off commands in the exe version?
Or does someone know the URL of the older web-based Harmony Remote programming interface>
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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