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Can the Humax Tivo be controlled by a regular Tivo remote? The reason I ask this is because I just set up a Humax at my friends house. He now wants another Tivo so he can record two shows at once.

I didn't notice an address switch on the Humax remote. Soo I'm assuming that the Humax is address one and the second Tivo would have to be address 2. So could he use the regular Tivo remote and use the toggle address switch to go between the two Tivo's?

If he can't then I'm going to have to send back the second regular Tivo I ordered? It's amazing but at first his wife complained about not being able to record two channels at once like they could on the Cox DVR. Now after using the Humax Tivo they are much more willing to just spring for a second Tivo.

The provider of their service is SBC which does nothing but provide a direct TV box.


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My Humax can be controlled just fine by my older TIVO remotes (all set to the default address..) Althought it is worth noting that some DVD function buttons are obviously missing from the standard TIVO remote.

So I'm presuming you could change the address on the non-DVD TIVO and do exactly as you propose.

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The one/two switch was truly visionary. I've had as many as three TiVoes safely and independently controlled in the same room (with 2 TiVo remotes) Part of the greatness of early TiVo development that should not be lost.

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Yes a regular tivo remote will work the tivo functions of the Humax tivo/dvd combo, and the Humax has the same 10 remote addresses, 0-9.

But if you want a cheap remote that'll control both tivos and the dvd commands of the humax, I suggest either the OFA urc-6820 or 8820. Both have codes for tivo remote addresses 1-4. And for the DVD commands, here are the Advanced codes for them:

Top Menu-00043

To map those advanced code to a key on the 6820/8820:

1. press PVR
2. press and hold SET for two blinks
3. enter 9-9-4
4. tap SET for one blink
5. enter 5 digit Advanced code
6. pick a key

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The rules are the same for all TiVo DVRs, except Sony units and the SD-H400.

The remotes come default as address 0-0 (not 1-2), and need programed that way, and the DVRs come set to 0, so need programmed to match what you set the remote to. The manual should explain that.
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