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Hi all. I just updated my setup. I had an R10 DirecTivo with two standard D10 receivers. Now I have two R10's and only one D10 receiver. I called D* and they activated the new R10 and I gave them the D10 I was inactivating as well.

Well last night I decided to run sat wires to another location and plugged the old D10 receiver into that location. I was all set to call D* to re-activate the D10 but lo and behold it already works! I just checked my account information and they still have me down for only three locations. Will they pick this additional location up and am I missing some channels if I do not call them to activate it?

I guess I am saving the $4.99 additional receiver fee but I don'w want to be dishonest either. Do I need to call them?



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If you had the D10 disconnected when you had called to deactivate it, it hasn't gotten an update with new authorization info to remove all the services. It will eventually shut everything down when it doesn't get current authorization info or when it sees a new authorization packet in the datastream which shuts it down.
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