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Apologies, but I'm not sure exactly where to post this, but thought I'd try here and see if I have better luck.

My TiVo Bolt's HD died *again*, and rather than order another 3TB HD from Weaknees and replace it myself as I did last time, I decided to order a Weaknees Refurb 1TB (with a new Lifetime subscription) unit from Amazon since it would arrive in one day (free shipping w/Prime). That went well enough, arrived today, but what I'd hoped would be my easy swap-out moment was not.

I still had to call Cox and get them to authorize the Cable Card that I pulled from the dead machine and put into the new refurb. After over an hour on the phone trying to get the new TiVo to talk to the Tuning adapter, we gave up. When I have time early next week, I'll go to Cox and get a replacement tuning adapter and Cable Card and hope that does the trick.

New Bolt can't see any channels, no live TV, nothing. Card fully paired and officially provisioned over the phone by Cox. Swapped USB port, plugged and unplugged cord on both the new Bolt and the Tuning Adapter.

I was aware of no failures with either card or tuning adaptor prior to the HD on the Bolt dying. Man, it's true what they say about their lifespan in this poorly ventilated or designed TiVo! Sheesh! The TiVo sees the cable card just fine, notices it being unplugged and then reseated again, it just never sees the Cisco Tuning adapter.

So no channels, no live TV, nuthin', honey. I can stream, but I have a Roku that does that so much better.

Given all I've seen, I do NOT suspect the new TiVo. True, you never know, but I did numerous software restarts of the Bolt as well as power-cycling the tuning adapter half a dozen times as well. When the new Bolt boots up, it goes straight to the cable card tech screen, but I suspect that's what it does when a tuning adapter has failed as well.

Any comments on the above are appreciated, but they're not my most immediate concern.

We have a Roamio on our network where a football game I want to watch tomorrow will be recorded. My new Bolt can see it, but because the new TiVo is activated under a Weaknees account, it won't let me stream that to the new TiVo Bolt. It says it's not on my account--which is true.

TiVo, in its great wisdom, has decided that no one ever has TiVo problems on the weekend and you can only contact them during banker's hours M-F. [And they ask themselves why the company is slowly dying…].

I tried the useless chatbot who basically said, "Call a human on Monday."

Is there any way to use the website to add this new Bolt to my account so I can at least stream the game from the Roamio? Or is the only way to do this is to wait till the sleepy folks from TiVo stumble into the office Monday morning and ring then?

One last question for the hive mind?

Is it possible to transfer my All-In subscription from this dead HD Bolt to another TiVo? What if I were to just send this Bolt I just bought back to Amazon Weaknees and get a deal on the latest and "greatest" Edge? Could I transfer my lifetime subscription to the Edge?

We've been with TiVo since 2003, the very early days, and I've paid for at least 5 of these "All-in" subscriptions. I thought in the past you couldn't transfer them at all, but has that changed? If that were true, it might keep me in the TiVo family a lot longer.

And is the Edge really all that? Is there something about it that doesn't chew up HDs and other perks that make it a reasonable, if not compelling upgrade? Not eating hard drives would be pretty compelling for me. My Bolt is only 4.5 years old and now wants a third hard drive. Did the TiVo Edge suddenly solve that issue?

Very much obliged for any and all wisdom here and apologies for the large info and question dump.

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