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Here's a quick rundown of how to access the hidden menus in com.droidlogic.tv (the app that is the the "More" menu on the Stream 4k). You'll need to enable Android's Developer Mode to do this. They seem to do stuff, but your results may vary. Might fix issues others are having with random wake ups, HDR, other stuff.
  1. Enable Developer Mode by going to Device Preferences --> About --> Build and click it a few times until it tells you that you are a "Developer".
  2. Then go to Device Preferences --> Developer Options--> USB Debugging and enable this option.
  3. Go to Network & Internet --> Available Networks and click your connected WiFi network to see what your Stream's IP address currently is.
  4. Download and install adblink
  5. In adblink enter your Stream's IP address in the "Ad Hoc IP" field.
  6. Click "Connect". You'll be prompted to accept the connection on the Stream itself - accept it and also remember the device if prompted.
  7. Once adblink reports that you are connected click "ADB Shell"
  8. Copy and paste the following commands in the terminal window to launch the associated menu item on the Stream itself:

CEC Settings
am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.HdmiCecActivity

HDMI Self Adaptation/Refresh Rate Switching
am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.PlaybackActivity

Dolby Vision On/Off
am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.display.dolbyvision.DolbyVisionSettingActivity

Dolby Vision Graphics/Video Priority
am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.display.dolbyvision.GraphicsPrioritySettingActivity

am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.display.hdr.HdrSettingActivity

am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.display.sdr.SdrSettingActivity

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I disabled dolby vision, but it doesn't seem to stick. The screen blanks, but when it comes back it's still dolby vision.

Edit, figured it out, you need to set it to hdr10 in the regular settings first, and then disable dolby vision, which puts it in sdr then.
Honestly, I don't think they are actually using Dolby Vision here and the reason we can't mess with it is that the implementation isn't working properly. On a SDR TV, disabling Dolby Vision actually makes the picture better, colors get less saturated the moment you use the hidden menu item to turn it off. Furthermore, like, how is it even working? Why does the picture even change? How? Are you just saying Dolby Vision is a software thing now? What's up with this?


There's something really screwy going on with HDR related stuff on the Stream...and to me it's almost like they are forcing Dolby Vision because Dolby Vision isn't actually working properly so it's better to show it "on" without the option to disable to satisfy the advertising. It's not an automatically detected thing, that's for freaking sure.

I bet you this thing was partly rushed out the door to try and save it from the impending launch/announcement of the Google Android TV device. If they waited later, people would just use the Google device as it's rumored to basically eat Tivo's lunch in this arena. They probably figured it was better to get SOME marketshare on a product they were developing vs waiting until Google's offering gives consumers no reason to purchase the Tivo version. Undercut everyone for a month on price, hope people buy it, work out the bugs (if they care enough).

If Tivo can RAPIDLY fix the bugs, and actually bring the Tivo "experience" fully to this device they can compete. If they don't, it's a DOA product.

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I was just about to send my Stick back when I popped onto this thread and it gave me hope. Is there a way to allow for pass-through audio? I use Plex and Kodi to manage and play my media and they are hobbled and only output PCM. (I have a Dolby Vision OLED, so I'm fine with that feature.)
The Plex app has a setting to enable it. It's per app it seems.
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