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There is no need to do the any steps manually or even mess around with ADB.

After seeing your findings (thanks for the initial clues!), I just downloaded an Android shortcut manager like this one. Once installed, you have to launch it from settings->apps->all apps.

Scroll down to "Droid Settings" and you will find all the shortcuts you listed on the first post. Unfortunately, you can't pin these shortcuts directly to the home screen on this version of Android (I just get an error when I try from the context menu (long press in Activity Manager)).

Another problem here is that settings like disabling the broken Dolby Vision (which causes washed out colors / raised blacks even on an SDR TV) revert back to their original value when you power off the TV. Possibly will also happen on any HDMI handshake.

In its current state, this device is simply unusable to anyone who cares about picture quality. Tivo needs to find more qualified testers and/or developers before they release this type of product in the future. (if any employees are reading this, please send me a private message).

When I have more time, I will do a more in-depth analysis of the video output using my HDMI analysis hardware similar to what I did many years ago when Tivo broke interlaced output on one of the software updates.

Edit: Had some time to analyze the video output of this device. See the other thread.
I have that Android shortcut manager on my phone and don't see the app in the play store on the stream. Did you have to sideload?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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