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Posted a variation of this as a reply in another thread but this may be useful for anyone needing adapter for the mentioned Tivos.

For kicks I ordered a 12v 5a adapter. Plenty of headroom for any Tivo/drive combination. The barrels for Edge/Roamio/Bolt are slightly different. 5.5mm but the inner part can be 2.1 or 2.5mm. And the barrel length for the Edge adapter is less than Roamio and Bolt. The adapter I got comes with small adapter that can switch the connection from 2.1 to 2.5mm. I tested the adapter with Roamio and Edge (as is), and Bolt with the 2.1/2.5 adapter. All work fine.

Added bonus, it comes with another adapter that allows you to connect direct wires to the adapter itself. And while that is good, you can also use those universal two prong tips you get with some universal adapters or can buy separately. You can use those tips with the "plug in wires" adapter. I have a number of devices that have hard to find connections for the AC. But I have universal two prong tips. So I can use those tips with the "wire adapter" and use this 12v 5a. Assuming the device uses 12v of course. Just have to make sure you get the polarity right when plugging in to the "wire adapter" with the two prong tips. Heh, hope not too confusing, this is the adapter I bought. Only about $12 too. Not my auction by the way, just the one I bought.

Universal 12V 5A 5.5*2.1/5.5*2.5mm AC Adapter for LED Strip Modules CCTV Cameras | eBay

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