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Right now, the Series 3 only lacks in-home video transfers of any sort (TiVoToGo/MRV/TTCB), as far as TiVo features go. Everything else is there.

If and when transfers are enabled, it is likely the least will be only analog recordings will be transferable out of the Series 3, at most everything except protected Cablecard content.

For TiVo, IPTV means internet delivered content, such as TiVocast, Unbox, and OneTrueMedia, not real IPTV like uVerse). The Series 3 does support the aforementioned Internet TV services, the CC TiVo won't.

If it were me, I'd get a Series 2 DT for the TiVo in SD, and maybe the cable DVR for HD, then change to a Series 3 or whatever cable HD TiVo will support SDV.
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