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Justin Thyme said:
Except it really is Tivo lite. No internet IPTV, no transfering video to laptops or ipods, no multi room viewing, no Yahoo features, no upgrading your machine up to to 2 Terabytes. No playing video from P2P networks.

But otherwise- just the same.

So there will be plenty to step up to when moving to a standalone Tivo.
But the ComcasTivo allows you to search on demand content. It also work fine with Switched Digital Video.

The monthly DVR fees should be close to what you would pay for Tivo service on a stand alone Tivo. Plus there are no upfront hardware costs. Even the upcoming $300 S3-lite could have a hard time competing in Comcast and Cox neighborhoods where you can run the Tivo software on a DVR that you don't have to buy.
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