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rondun said:
Since she mainly records on LP I think the quality issue won't be a problem. Basic quality on the tivo might even be a slight improvement on video LP?
Basic quality is far superior to LP. It's even superior to SP.

The only time the quality drops noticably is if
a) You've got a TV larger than 21inches
b) There's a lot of fast moving random patterns (water, fire, explosions)

I'd buy a £30 FreeView box to be dedicated to the TiVo. The picture quality will be higher than analogue and you'll get the extra TV channels.

As for sound - there is no difference between quality settings. The audio is converted to a slightly lower quality than that of FreeView - but it's not something you'd notice. Any amp with ProLogic I or II or Neo6 will produce a fine surround image.

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