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After much consideration I've decided to go ahead and get myself a Tivo.
Its for my mother, really, to replace her ageing video player so ease of use is probably the main decider over a freeview pvr or dvd/hd recorder. And I don't want to fork out for sky+!

So, came here with a couple of questions:

I've seen on ebay some tivo's with lifetime subs included - what do i need to transfer the sub over- does the seller have to do anything beforehand? How long does it take? If the machine packs up after a couple of months, does that mean you have to fork out for a new sub if it can't be repaired?

I see some people here with different models (601e, 6022,6023 etc.) - are there any significant differences between the models, which one should i be going for? If its to do with upgrades, the only thing I may do is add a bigger hard disk (although 40hours, seems quite a lot - is it really that easy to fill up once you start using it?)

thanks in advance,

Ron :)

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Thanks for all your quick replies folks.

As far as my mum is concerned her ability to use the video is limited to sticking in the tape, selecting the channel, choosing LP and pressing record!
My only experience with tivo was in the US last year (where it seems everybody gets given one at birth - they've all got them) and I must say I thought it was incredibly easy to use. In fact easier than adding numbers to speeddial - even I forget how to do that sometimes.
I know UK tivo's are different, but they must be as intuitive, surely. Anyway, I can see opinions are divided, and to avoid a prolonged discussion here I'm going to get one anyway and see how she gets on. I can always keep it for myself, or even sell it on, they seem to hold their value pretty well.

Since she mainly records on LP I think the quality issue won't be a problem. Basic quality on the tivo might even be a slight improvement on video LP? Anyway, there is no big screen or plasma to worry about.
I might use higher quality to record a movie - does best or high give a marked improvement in sound if you intend to listen through a surround amp, for example?
I just want to avoid the clutter of unlabeled and (often unwatched) video tapes. Although, I imagine her viewing habits will soon fill up the tivo hd - but at least the ability to see at a glance the recorded and unwatched programmes will be invaluable.

As far as upgrading is concerned I think i'll leave it for a while. I would be happy to do a HD upgrade myself, even install the os, but all the guides i've seen involve making a backup of your tivo drive - what happens if the drive goes altogether - would it be a good idea to make a backup as soon as i get it?

Once thing which does concern me is what Paul mentioned about the Nicam problem. The ability to record from analogue while watching sky would be essential - how do you know if a tivo has had the mod, and is it easy to do if required?

Also, I have a question about stacking - space under the telly is limited, might have to remove a shelf- is it safe to stack something like sky box or vcr on top of the tivo if you use, say 3/4" spacers for airflow - do they overheat readily?


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Well, I am pleased to announce we are now a 1 Tivo family!

Picked up an unmodified lifetime sub machine yesterday, and had a wee play. I'll keep a note of my thoughts/impressions here if anybody else is in the same position I was - considering getting their 1st machine.

In response to some of your comments - I'm going to stick with the original HD for the time being to see how we get on. Also gonna stick with SKY and terrestrial as sources - freeview not an option due to poor signal. Hopefully the Nicam thing wont be a problem since its a 6023 model.

First impressions - very happy, actually quieter than i thought it would be. Interface as easy to use as i remember. Changing channels quite slow though - could be a problem as my mother tends to use the up/down on the sky control to skim through the channels.

First Questions!:
OK, got the machine as is - it needed to make a daily call so no program guide. I made a call to see what would happen without doing the guided setup. It managed ok, but by the time I went to bed last night it had been organising itself for 6 hours with still over an hour to go - is this normal?
There are a bunch of old recordings on "Now Playing" (which probably answers the q. above) but I could only play a couple of them - the rest just showed the bar at the bottom for a few seconds and then asked me if i wanted to delete it. Do the titles remain when Tivo deletes an old program, or does is suggest a problem with the HD?
If you press record when watching live TV, it always records in "best" mode no matter whay the default quality is. Is there another way round this other than going into "season pass and other options"?

So now I'm going to re-run guided setup - is it a good idea to "delete all" first?
Also, after reading through the forum I'm going to use the Grundig remote codes for the digibox - is there anything else I should do too?


PS - My Mother's first impressions:

Deeply upset that Tivo had to phone home and hadn't spoken to anybody in over a month!

Ah well, baby steps!

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doubledrat said:
educate her that skimming the channels is no longer needed ;)
You are welcome to try!

LOL You're not Jewish are you?

(No offence. Was thinking of the old BT ads with Ms. Lipman )
No, none taken - but you're not far off!

OK so after over 3 1/2 hrs for it to clear and delete everything, I'm running guided setup.
It won't go any further because it can't detect a signal from the digibox.
But there is a signal - i can watch it on the tv and i was recording from it onto the tivo earlier. The cables are all ok, rechecked like 4 times.
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