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Abandon my DVHS for TiVo HD?

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I live in the Boston area and we'll be one of the first NE regions Comcast will be rolling out the TiVo service. Since they just jacked up the DVR rental to $17mo anyways purchasing a TiVo HD would almost be a no brainer. The only problem is I have a DVHS and I wouldn't be able to save programming.

I'm kind of annoyed TiVo decided to exclude a Firewire port from their device. Even though I don't record much to tape, I'd still like to have the option.

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TivoToGo & MRV (for non-protected content) are supposed to be released "sometime this year" according to a Tivo VP.
Oh, also, how does the TiVo HD handle On Demand content/menus/functions or not at all?
DaveFi said:
Oh, also, how does the TiVo HD handle On Demand content/menus/functions or not at all?
The TivoHD doesn't do On Demand. Cable Labs currently requires that boxes use the cable company software to support On Demand features.

How many tapes did you have? With enough space, you can use the TivoHD for more permanent storage. The TivoHD supports 64-bit addressing, so storage is virtually unlimited.

You can replace the 160Gb drive with a 1Tb drive today (144 HD hours), and then add an eSATA drive array when Tivo activates the eSATA port in a few months. For kicks, member spike2k5 connected a 2.5Tb drive array to his TivoHD internally.

I don't know if you've ever used a Tivo, but recordings are automatically organized into folders, so hundreds of recordings are still manageable.

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I don't have many tapes. I never really used the DVHS much, maybe 20, but the movies I have I like, and I like to record something to keep, say like when HBO ran the Star Wars series or when Starz ran The Two Towers Extended a few years back.

But I will only have 1 box, so if it doesn't work with Comcast's OnDemand features and online menus it does me no good. It's unfortunate because other than that it would have been perfect for me. But since Comcast offers so much free HD OnDemand programming now I'm unwilling to give that up. I guess I will just pay the extra few dollars and have them push the TiVo software to my 3412. I can't even get them to give me a 3416. Bastards.:(
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