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HI- I am new to this forum, and indeed to all forums so please excuse any violation of forum rules. I have one of the first TiVos. I have a problem with one channel, the public television channel here in Maryland. Anytime that channel is selected, whether it is for TiVo to record, or for me to watch, a sound that reminds me of the old 'snow' sound when there is no channel reception happens. The video is there, and tivo is recording the audio, not the snow, but watching the show is almost impossible. I have no idea where to begin looking for the problem. We have one of those cable boxes (for premium channel use) which the tivo is attached to. I have taken the television to a repair shop only to be told that the problem is not the tv. Does anyone have an idea of what I should do next? I have not removed the cable box to see if it still happens, but I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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First step is to narrow down the cause of the problem ....

What do you mean by" ... and Tivo is recording the audio, not the snow, but watching the show is almost impossible."? Are you hearing the snow (more correctly called "hiss") when watching the Tivo recording, Live TV, or both?

You should try connecting your cable TV coax directly to the TV, bypassing both the cable box and the Tivo, to see if the problem is on your cable TV system. Then add the cable box back. Then add the Tivo back. See which device is causing the hiss.

If you still can't narrow it down, post back with more details about:

* brand/model Tivo
* brand/model TV
* brand/model cable box
* how is the cable box connected to the Tivo (inputs/outputs, cables, connectors)?
* how is the Tivo connected to the TV (inputs/outputs, cables, connectors)?
* did anything change in your system when this problem started?
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