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gman622 said:
another update.....

1. another (sortable) column was added: Expires. now you can see which show will be deleted first, second, third and so on. (finally a use for the keep until date!)

2. multiple tivos are supported (though i'm not sure how well... i only have one)

3. requests are asynchronous, so the browser will not hang on lengthy GETs
(the tab/title will let you know when it's done loading)

4. now recording info will tell you if it's a planned or suggested recording.

here 'tis:
Just keeps getting better :)

/edit: See gman's post above directly above this one, we were both replying at the same time, and I'll bet he has the better answer.
To the users with the cdata error: Are you using any extensions that might cause a conflict? Are you using the most recent released version of Firefox(1.0.2 as of today)? If not, what version are you using? You could perhaps try creating a clean profile in Firefox.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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