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A Baby Story - Baby Morgan

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Pop that episode on your "To Do" list if you want to see my first child in 1999. Total of three kids now, I only ever had a VHS copy of this episode and have since lost it. Should be a total time trip to go back and see Sierra born. She is 8 years old now, in third grade, and we still get recognized on the street very frequently from this very old show. It has been about 5 years since I have seen it aired, and I'm looking forward to getting a good copy on Tivo, as I see it listed for Oct 4th. :D
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That is really cool.. I will set my tivo! I bet Sierra will enjoy watching it as well!
That's awesome!! I'll set my Tivo as well!!
I just went and looked at the info, and I remember this one, vaguely, because of the body-cast sculptor. I watched the show every day for about a year a long time ago, and I look forward to seeing it.
Wow. What an experience that must have been for you!
How fun! YOur daughter was a star before she was even born!
Wow, I waited 5 years for this episode to re-air, and it was the wrong one!!!

It said my name in the guide, but on my cable system they played a totally different episode. Argghh. Well, I guess I'll wait another 5 years for them them to air it.
I was wondering!
On the TLC guide it said Baby Moran. Is it Moran or Morgan?
My guide said Morgan, but on the show, the narrator said Moran. :confused:
My Tivo said Morgan. My name is Morgan. I didn't listen to the episode. So, I guess if it was Moran on the actual show, then someone in the control room mistyped. I hope they actually air mine soon. Let me know if any of you see it coming.
Okay, I just added a wishlist for it, so I'll let you know.

Unless it airs in three years, and I'm like "why did I record this??" ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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