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9.1 Wishlists: NOT (-) on Category?

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9.1 Wishlists added AND, OR, and NOT capabilities. Is it possible to apply these (specifically NOT) to a Category (like Movies) or is this limited to just Keywords?
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It doesn't look like you can do NOT or OR with categories, no.
Bummer. An ARWL with Title Keyword PILOT and Category NOT MOVIES would clear up most of the false hits I get for finding the first episodes of seriesesssesesesss (I wonder how I spell that?).
I use a title wishlist for "Pilot" with First-Run-Only. No movies are first-runs. But maybe you're interested in old pilots as well. Hm.
Yep. I'm looking for those old pilots, too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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