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9.1 no video when playing transfers

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I use software (videora TiVo Convertor) on my laptop to convert videos I download online to the propper format and then play them on my Tivo. I use the tivo desktop software to transfer them over.

Since the 9.1 service update, anytime I try playing a transferred recording I get a black screen with the programs audio. (no video)

This is definetly not a format issue because I have used the same software with the same settings for over a year now, and some videos I had on my tivo that worked prior to the service update now do not work.

Tivo support has not yet heard of this issue and recommedned I reboot the Tivo (this does nothign to fix the issue)

Anyone have any thoughts or expirencing a similar issue? :confused:
Using a series 2, single tuner with a 250GB drive upgraded about a year ago
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This is a know issue with the 9.1 update. Seems that video file with an aspect of 16:9 do not show video on certain model tivo units.

You can read more in this post:

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