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9.1 broke my network connection!

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I don't mind (ha ha) the slow-downs when browsing by time... pretty new clock to stare at. But I'm losing my network connection to TiVo EVERY day! I have made NO changes to my network, I'm not using any HME apps, I'm not even using TiVo desktop. Every 24-36 hours when I select "Find New Programs", I notice the list ends with the " To Do List". I have to either reboot or move the USB cable to force a new connection. Sony SVR-3000.

This only started after the 9.1 UPDATE. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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We are also experiencing network dropouts with the 9.1 update. We have two Series 2 TiVos that can view each other's programs, but sometimes quit transferring programs for no reason and we have to reboot the receiving TiVo to get the transfer restarted. This has been happening nearly EVERY DAY since we got the 9.1 update. Browsing the other TiVo is now also noticeably slow. Each 'Now Playing" screen takes 5-10 seconds to load. In addition, we can't delete programs from within the Info page using the menu option, only outside of it in Now Playing using the delete button.

TiVo folks - please fix this!
Jenn & Kent
My Humax DVD-burning TiVo is also having network issues. Nothing shows up under Music, Photos, & More. Last time I checked, the Series3 was OK in this regard. Weird. :/
I have 2 S2's and they are so slow my wife is ready to toss them both! IT take forever to transfer shows between Tivos. The list of shows on the other box only populates one screen at a time and take about 5 seconds when you page up/down. Does Tivo realize they screwed up with this new update?

Also the new guide look is harder to read than before. I can understand they want to keep the user interface looking fresh, but they have really messed this up. They need to pull back the UI and other changes that impacted performance... The main reason people have stayed with Tivo is b/c of usability. They just made it a little less usable and made FiosTV STB more desirable.
Can I ask how you are connecting your TiVos to your network? Wired or wireless? I have 9.1 on one of my Pioneers, one of my Humaxes and one of my S3s and I don't notice much of a delay. But I am using Linksys USB200M wired connections for the Pioneer and Humax and direct wire to my S3.

Just curious if this is a wireless connection problem.

Does a reboot of the TiVo clear the problem at all? A reboot of the router?

Same post...other thread.
I, too, have two S2s. One is connected to my home network by ethernet, the other by WiFi. We often record shows on the WiFi unit, then transfer them to the ethernet unit to watch. That transfer is always a crapshoot. It seems as if half the time the transfer locks up before completing. In our case we have to unplug the sending unit (the WiFi-connected one), not the receiving unit, to get it back on the network. Until then Now Playing doesn't show the other unit.
robomeister said:
Can I ask how you are connecting your TiVos to your network? Wired or wireless?
Both my TiVo units are wireless. The S3 connects to a wireless bridge and the Humax has a USB networking thingy which then connects via ethernet to a different wireless bridge. If I can find my wireless security key, maybe I'll connect the TiVo WiFi adapter to the Humax to see if it helps.
Both my S2's are hardwired with Linksys USB NICs. Transfering was quick and easy before. Now slow and painful to navitage and setup. The show seems to transfer at the same speed, it's just the menuing is crap now.
We are having the same problem. This morning my husband tranferred a show from one S2 Tivo to the other. When that was done, he tried to do another one. It failed. He restarted both tivos and still no go after multiple attempts. A transfer in the reverse works fine though.

All 5 Tivos are slow as molasses.

Still cannot watch the 100's of snippets transferred prior to 9.1. THIS IS THE MOST UNACCEPTABLE PART OF THE UPDATE!!!! My husband wants to sue tivo. Can you say Class action? Any lawyers out there want to take on the case?

How can tivo render our own recordings unviewable?

I want all 5 of my S2's reset to the old software.
hp4atc said:
My husband wants to sue tivo. Can you say Class action? Any lawyers out there want to take on the case?
/takes a shot of JD
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