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9.1 and S03 error

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so, last night we got a message indicating that our S2 TiVo had not connected for a few days. Sometimes this happens when the TiVo wireless adapter loses its connection and a restart is all that is needed to make TiVo happy again.

Well this time I restarted and then forced a connection but during the downloading data sequence it timed out with an S03 error.

I was going to do a kickstart 57 this morning to see if it was a drive problem, but i decided to try a forced connection one last time. This time I got through 100% data download and everything seemed fine "pending restart".

So I restarted TiVo and it initiated a software update when I headed out to work.

So I guess my question is, if I have an S03 error, should I be encouraged that i got through a connection or is the 9.1 update the real problem? In other words what are my chances that everything is ******-dory when I get home from work vs. a message that my TiVo has still not connected?
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