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here is the one that I got 2 of,

COMPLETELY FREE tivo 80hr DT all you have to do is pay for the first month of service, and agree to at least 1 year...

just goto google search for tivo deals click the top link for Tivo Deals & Coupons

scroll down and click

Free TiVo series2 80-hour DT digital video recorder w/ 1yr service plan

I would give a link but I dont have 5 posts yet, so you will have to PM me if you cannot find it.

That is the best deal I could find, and YES you can get these as a second receiver, I paid 16 dollars for my first and 10 dollars for my second one. (first months service paid)

you don't even need much money to get started.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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