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Hi, let's jump right in. Have a Bolt and connect 4 minis via Moca in my house setup. The bolt and 2 of the minis get +100mbps connection speeds while 2 get about 6mbps. I noticed that the 8-way splitter in my basement, where all the coax cables run to, was only rated for 5-1000Mhz. I checked the 2 way splitter near my Tivo Bridge and its up to 2500MHZ. I'm guessing the 2 minis that get a poor connection, which are both far away from Bridge, are getting interference. From what I've read here, my 8-way splitter should be rated at least up to 2333Mhz...but my current splitter also has a VOIP connection and is an amplifier. I can not find an 8 way, or even a 6-way, Moca rated splitter that has a VOIP connection and amplifier. Do I need the dedicated VOIP connection? DO I necessarily need the amplifier if I can fix the interference issue on the 2 problematic minis? Would a generic 8-way passive splitter work fine for the VOIP and my MOca network? I'm know I'm close to the right answer but could use help in this last step. Cablevision has been zero help to me. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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