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There seems to be many threads discussing the same issue:

"Stange Issue" - http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?p=5341877#post5341877

"Won't accept remote commands" -

" Thread to discuss 8.3 causing pixelation/audio drop" -

"TiVo crashed with 8.3" -

There seem to be two different camps - one on the hard drive, one that says 8.3 made the TiVo more sensitive to HD programming.

My version is 8.3.1-01-2-648. The TiVo rep claimed no software updates have gone out in the past 3 months, which I find hard to believe. I have been on 8.3 for a few months but am unsure which build.

Issues are:

-HD channels pixellate then freeze up, with audio dropouts. Remote stops responding oir responds slow and either the unit reboots itself or you need to force it.

- regardless, remote response is slow, screen response is slow, channel changing iis slow

TiVo seems to not have any idea on what the issue is, although is offering to swap the units. This is a less than perfect solution, as I read the swapped units are build 8.0.1 (those with SA card issues like myslef won't be pleased with that at all).

Also, it seems that this has happened in one big sudden event, which would signal to me some sort of software update.

Has anyone from TiVo addressed this yet?

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This is the problem I am also having. The frustrating part, is that replacement of a Tivo is not a simple thing. You have to re pair the cable cards.

I love my Tivo, but only when it works.

I had no such issues with my Tivo 2.

Tivo may not be able to stay in business with the apparent difficulty of making a cable card based system work.

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I called TiVo and had them replace the unit. they shipped a new one before I shipped mine back, as well.

Re-pairing the cards was a debacle, of course, until I got a knowledgeable person on the phone that did it without someone coming to visit. Painful, but not overly so.
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