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The reason for finding out which channels are on specific transponders is to find out if DirecTV still has any room on 72.5 to add more markets. I just started this thread on 2 January over at DBSForums.com.

DirecTV should only be using even transponders on the 72.5 satellite. I'll need confirmation of all of these, as DirecTV has been changing transponders for markets recently:

Burlington - Plattsburgh
Cedar Rapids - Waterloo
Champaign - Springfield - Decatur
Charleston, SC
Columbia - Jefferson City
Davenport - Rock Island - Moline
Fort Smith
Fort Wayne
Greenville - New Bern - Washington
Lincoln - Hastings
La Crosse
Myrtle Beach
Peoria - Bloomington
Springfield, MO
Waco - Temple - Bryan

Confirmed, starting 30 December 2005 on DBSForums.com:
Augusta (transponder 22 for big four, PBS' from 101 spot beams, Doug)
Johnstown - Altoona (transponder 18, danpeters)
Macon (transponder 32 for big 4 & UPN, PBS from 101 spotbeam, islander)
Sioux Falls (transponder 18, SMaxwell)
Traverse City (transponder 10, Nitehawk^)
Wausau - Rhinelander (transponder 28, Dan B)

In order to find out which transponder is broadcasting your local channel, simply tune to the channel and get a satellite signal strength test. Record the transponder that is shown as it is the one broadcasting your local channel. Check each local channel, since it is possible to spread local channels over more than one transponder.

This does NOT work with some older models (this does work with all DirecTV TiVo DVR receivers). To easily verify, change your channel to ESPN. When getting the signal strength, the transponder should be 10 on the 101 satellite. If it is NOT, then your receiver cannot perform this test.

I appreciate all help you can give me. Thanks.

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Macon, Georgia... (Yep, they have changed from what they were in September).

13 - WMAZ-13 (CBS) Macon, GA
Satellite 72.5°, Transponder 32

14 - WBZL 39 (WB) Miami, FL
Satellite 101° (A) Transponder 21

24 - WGXA 24 (Fox) Macon, GA
Satellite 72.5°, Transponder 32

29 - WDCO 29 (PBS) Cochran-Macon, GA
Satellite 101° (A) Transponder 26

41 - WMGT 41 (NBC) Macon, GA
Satellite 72.5°, Transponder 32

58 - WPGA 58 (ABC) Macon, GA
Satellite 72.5°, Transponder 32

64 - WGNM 64 (UPN) Macon, GA
Satellite 72.5°, Transponder 32
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