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Hello All,

When 6.2 rolled out to our DTV DVR's, many reported a color banding issue or B&W picture on certain older TV's. My 27" Sony Trinitron has this issue. Following the thread back then, it was discussed that 6.2 reduced the signal output of the DVR's and that was the problem. Further, many people called in about the problem and were told that Engineering knew about it, and would address it "soon".

Well, it's been quite a while, and I still have a B&W picture. My questions are these:

Is anybody still tracking the issue with DTV? If so, what are they saying?

Has anybody found a workaround (such as a signal amplifier between the DVR outputs and the TV)?

I am moving to a new Bravia LCD and 10-250 HD when I move to AZ next week, but want to use the Sony in my office with the SD DVR.

Thanks all, and Happy New Year,
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