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FS: Roamio Pro 8TB w/LT, Roamio Plus 4TB w/LT, Roamio basic 3TB w/LT & Minis w/LT
(A93 Mini w/LT, A95 Mini VOX w/LT)
Extra Roamio basic 3TB w/LT - dead HDMI port, missing fan, functional/working, composite video.
Original packaging and accessories
Have original hard drives
Good condition (for age and time in use), very clean, no odors/residue
Nothing was wrong with them when I unplugged them and boxed them up.

ETA: Also selling My Caavo Control Center (newest model, with LT).

I moved back to the Midwest, and I just don't need CableTV or TiVo anymore.

I will come back and refine/update this post and the details later.

If there are any questions, or requests for details/pictures, please contact me though Private Message (forum conversation).

ETA: I am open to offers on everything, individual items, parts, or bundles. I may just re-install all the stock/original hard drives and price to sell quickly.
How much for the Mini Vox?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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