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45-day TiVo Plus for Series 2 Pioneer DVD TiVo

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Just installed & re-set up my Pioneer with a new HDD from DVRupgrade.
As part of the setup, it offered me a free 45-day TiVo Plus.

The Pioneer has very basic 3-days of Guide and Date & Time programming only without paying for activation. THat's one of the reasons I like it. But it seems that the networking capability is not part of the basic installed feature set. I'm hoping the "Plus" will include it to leverage the networking I've already started with my TiVoHD & DLNA server.

My question is, I had already gone throgh this with my Pioneer when I got it. Now I get it again because I got a new HDD? That seems kinda generous in a wonky sort of way. It begs the question... not that I'm trying to steal anything... but is there some sort of master reset I can push every 45 days to get this again? Sure, I'd have to go through setup, but if all I really want it for is DLNA networking (to get the Series 2 to see files on my server) then I'm really hard-pressed to fork over a monthly fee for programming I've already resigned myself to not having and just using the date & time recording capability.

Or is there a way to enable networking on the Series 2 without "activation" (paying for Guade data.)
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